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Md Abu Bakkar

Md Abu Bakkar – An inspiring entrepreneurship story

MD Abu Bakkar is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur & Tech Enthusiast. He was born in December 1999 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is the Founder and CEO of 1xcodes and COO of Hosttier. Also, he has a YouTube Channel Named “Chokkor with Bakkar”.

He was the founder of Hosterline which was shut down in 2021 and opened Hosttier. He was the managing director of Skarbol and He was the SEO expert of Multimedia Kingdom. He also has good skills in cricket. He is a right-hand batsman and a spin bowler.

Who is Md abu bakkar?

Born on December 30, 1999 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, MD Abu Bakkar is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. He is the Founder and CEO of 1xcodes and COO of Hosttier. His YouTube Channel is titled Chokkor with Bakkar.
He founded Hosterline, which was shut down in 2021 and then along with some technology entrepreneurs he founded Hosttier. He is the COO and Co-founder of Hosttier.Md Abu Bakkar was the managing director of Skarbol and the SEO expert of Multimedia Kingdom.
He also has good skills in cricket. He is a right-hand batsman and a spin bowler.

In his whole life history, he started his career by being a first-grade cricketer. He is a right-handed batsman and a bowler. After coming to Bangladesh, he started his cricket career. At that time, there was no place for professional cricket in Bangladesh so he had to go abroad. Then he came back to Bangladesh in 2018 and started playing in Dhaka Premier League (DPL).
He also has good skills in football. He was selected for BFF President’s XI team against Indonesia President’s XI team but couldn’t play due to injury. His idol is Shahid Afridi because of his batting style & personality.

Interesting Facts about the Entrepreneur

Md Abu Bakkar, was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Bangladesh. His childhood was a happy one and he credits his parents for instilling in him an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. He went on to do a variety of odd jobs before deciding to build one of Bangladesh’s most successful business empires. It all started with a web hosting company back in 2014.

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The Start of a New Venture

Md. Abu Bakkar was working as a System engineer in Dhaka, Bangladesh, when he found that one of his biggest challenges was renting server space in an affordable way. He had to get approval from an outside company to install his own servers at a data center, which meant multiple rounds of communication. To solve these problems, he started developing Hosttier in early 2021; within six months of launch, it was generating enough revenue for him to quit his job and focus on it full-time.

What we can learn from this Entrepreneur?

His passion of entrepreneurship is something that we should adopt. He firstly managed his parents to do business. Everyone of us knows that our parents are our first cheerleader and supporter and he just did what he had to do. Then, he started a web hosting company which was a huge risk for him but it was not successful at all. Then he Started to Learn System Administrating and completed multiple internships in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Then He started Hosttier and Became Successful in Couple of months. You can also learn these skills by reading this article written by us after a very comprehensive research.

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Challenges & Successes

He faced many problems in his life, such as having no supporters, lack of money and many more. He was a poor middleclass teenager but he never gave up on his dream to become an entrepreneur. Despite all these obstacles, he started a business with just Tk. 2,000 (US$25). Today he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Bangladesh and has also inspired thousands of people to start their own businesses. His journey proves that if you want something badly enough you can achieve it even if you are born into poverty! He also did many mistakes and he learned from those mistakes. If you don’t wanna practice those mistakes read this article and imply it in your business.

The Journey Ahead…

When Abul Abu Bakar lost his company in 2014, he had no idea what to do next. He knew little about computers and even less about e-commerce; his family pleaded with him to find another job. But, within five years, he’d built one of Bangladesh’s most successful e-commerce sites—from scratch—and was making millions of dollars in revenue annually. If you want to learn more about his experiences, read on…


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