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7 best pre-business rules

Ritesh Agarwal’s 7 best pre-business rules (Tried and Proven)

Ritesh Agarwal is the youngest billionaire of Asia, he started when he was 18, and he is the biggest hotel chain owner in the world. Here are Ritesh Agarwal’s 7 best pre-business rules to build an entrepreneurial dream If you are an entrepreneur, you will agree that it can be tough to get ahead in this competitive world without some business rules to guide you. This article will share seven golden business rules that will help take your company from the drawing board and turn it into the booming business that you know it can be. So let’s dive right in!

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What is an entrepreneurial dream?

What is your entrepreneurial dream? If you want to start a business or turn any idea into a venture, that is what entrepreneurship is. And if you are the one who wants to do it, then you are an entrepreneur.

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The dream you have to build a venture is the entrepreneurial dream. Living with an entrepreneurial dream is not easy. It won’t let you sleep if you are truly passionate about that dream. There are some fancy and attractive words like passionpreneurs, technopreneurs, entrepreneurs, youngpreneurs, and some XYZ. These 7 best pre-business rules will help you to get a proper knowledge of entrepreneurial dream and how to live it.

How these 7 best pre-business rules rules will help you to get an entrepreneurial dream?

A dream of entrepreneurship is essential before starting a business; many new businesses fail because of those who think business ownership is easy money. If you’re thinking about building a business from scratch, you can keep a few things in mind before getting started.

  1. You have to be different.
  2. You should start Adopting Exceptionalism.
  3. Follow successful entrepreneurs; they inspire you to live an entrepreneurial dream.
  4. Read articles from business websites like, and even our this website.

What are the pre-entrepreneurship rules?

To have a business, you need many things: marketing, cash flow, production, clients, and more. But before that, you need something else – rules. These are called pre business rules and we have ranked here 7 best pre-business rules to help you go beyond.

The business game is one of strategic planning, from development to victory. Playing by yourself, there are no rules which means you can do everything you want at any time without consequences. Successful entrepreneurs think about their actions very carefully in advance, not just for their businesses but for themselves too. This will make them better businesspersons and more successful people too. If we (you) made up a set of 7 golden business rules, these would be the golden opportunity to stand unique.

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Why should you follow 7 best pre-business rules?

Following these 7 best pre-business rules can give you a competitive edge. Follow these tips and watch your productivity soar to make sure you’re doing your best work. Doing what you love is one thing, but it’s also important to set boundaries around your passion.

Think of it as a game: if there are no rules, everything is up for grabs—and players who know how to bend or break them win more often than not. These 7 best pre-business rules will help Any small-business owner (or potential entrepreneur) to keep their head down and stay laser-focused on what needs to be done for them to succeed.

[1] Convince your parents first

Your parents are your biggest cheerleaders. Many parents want their children to live a traditional life; if they get a job with a good salary, it will be good for them and their future. If you can’t convince your parents of your startup, you won’t be able to convince the investors in the next phase. To run a venture, you will go through many hardships.

You have to convince your customers that your product is good enough to buy; think about it? If you don’t even have the ability to convince your parents, how will you convince your investors, customers, and consumers? So make sure you have their support and blessing before starting a business. Convincing is your parents is one of the most important rule of the 7 best pre-business rules.

[2] Surround yourself with the right people

Surrounding yourself with right people is also an important rule of 7 best pre-business rules. Your surroundings can help you stay focused on your passions, build good things and remain humble at the same time. You are an average of the five people that surround you. If you want to be successful:

  1. Find a group of driven and positive people who can help push you forward.
  2. Surround yourself with these types of individuals and watch your dreams come true.
  3. Surround yourself with high achievers. The surrounding people you are with can play a huge role in shaping your business.
  4. Surround yourself with driven and positive people who want to help you progress and succeed.

Believe in yourself: Though we haven’t included this as one of the 7 best pre-business rules but don’t take as lightly, If you do not have belief in yourself these 7 best pre-business rules will not favor you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t capable of building something big. You have what it takes if only you believe in yourself! Believe in yourself – Second Paragraph: Success is not a random act or chance event; it’s simply persistence, hard work, and believing in your dreams and goals.

[3] Find your WHY.

It’s time to look at our next rule 7 best pre-business rules which is finding your why. Starting a business is never easy, and if you’re going in for reasons like I want to quit my job or I want to make more money, that isn’t going to be enough. Why are you starting your business? What motivated you (or continues to encourage you) in that pursuit? What do you want people—including yourself—to remember about your brand after it launches? The better understanding of what drives and motivates you, the more likely that success will follow. Simon Sinek said it best: People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Make sure your why is powerful enough before launching a new venture.

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[4] Don’t overcomplicate

Too often, people get caught up in minutiae and lose sight of their vision. Don’t let your own small goals derail you from your ultimate ambition. Sometimes success is as simple as getting one foot in front of another rather than worrying about every little detail.

Keep your eyes on what matters—and set some goals that are within reach. The big picture will take care of itself when you start accomplishing milestones along the way. Go step by step, don’t make your journey over complicated. Now you obtained the knowledge of another rule of the 7 best pre-business rules.

[5] Decision making

Decision-making is one of the essential skills of a business and 7 best pre-business rules. These 7 best pre-business rules will surely help you to make your business decision. If you can make fast and right decisions, it’s time to reconsider your choices or decisions. You can simplify decision-making by delegating, automating, and eliminating. But it would be best if you also improved your decisions by learning from others. That’s why we have compiled a list of 5 golden decision-making rules for you so that you can take your decisions easily:

  1. Decide now – Don’t postpone your decisions!
  2. Avoid perfectionism – You can’t please everyone!
  3. Focus on one thing at a time – Multitasking is overrated!
  4. Learn from others – Use best practices as guidelines for your decisions!
  5. Make sure there is trust in your team – It’s hard to make good decisions without faith!
  6. Look at yourself first – How are you contributing? What can you do better?

[6] Learn to say NO

No is the most powerful word. It saves you both time and effort whenever required. Say NO to the investors, products, and decisions that are not adding up to your company’s growth. The more you say no, the more you can focus on what is essential for your business.

Say NO to everything else except what will help you reach your goal. It is better to say NO than to get stuck in a situation where you will have to say YES later on. Failure is a part of life; accept it as a part of life and try moving ahead with it positively. Never think that failure means giving up; instead, take it as a challenge and learn from it. Next time you face similar situations, you will be able to handle them better than before.

[7] Assess your business idea

Understanding the market and product needs is the priority of every business. Don’t neglect to assess your business idea. Good market research can accelerate your business manifold. It’s a complicated task, yet don’t ignore it. Assessing your business idea is one of the most important rule of the 7 best pre-business rules. Just assume, you come up with an idea and market (people) didn’t give a damn about your product or about your idea, can you imagine what will happen? Your month of hard work will be wasted in a moment. So be careful when you choose your idea, don’t let your hard work go in vain.

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After getting the knowledge of these 7 best pre-business rules do not assume that it will be easy. Perhaps, a permanent trip to paradise may sound like a relaxing place for some people. It is just another place with even more challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs. So quit dreaming about that perfect tropical island and go out there and make your paradise. After all, you never know when success may knock at your door. Don’t forget to enjoy what you do. And have fun doing it! After all, Business is all about having fun and earning money. these are the 7 best pre-business rules that you need to know.

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